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Gallery One
On the Edge

On the Edge

Joe Tucciarone, FIAAA

Joe depicts an icy world with a frozen moon flung far into intergalactic space.
Acrylic 20" x 38"

Traveller  |  Lynette Cook, FIAAA

Lynette's image shows a comet
passing by a heavily cratered moon.
Mixed Media 23" x 18"

God Eyes His Creation
God Eyes His Creation

Joe Bergeron, FIAAA

A remote planetary nebula casts
a godlike gaze over an icy world.
Acrylic 23" by 17".



Michael Carroll, FIAAA

A lucky planet somewhere has a magnificent view in the sky above, a galaxy with a supernova.
Acrylic on canvas 22" x 30"

Across the Stream of Stars

Across the Stream of Stars

April Faries

Watercolor 21" x 25"

Sudden Encounter

Sudden Encounter  |  Elizabeth Smith

Betsy' shows an astronaut being surprised by a
sudden storm on a dusty planet.
Watercolor 25" x 31"

Io and Jupiter

Io and Jupiter  |  Lynn Perkins

10" x 24"

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